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JANUARY ZARA FINDS: 3 Winter Musts to Checkout

Shop the 3 winter items I want/NEED from Zara this month! My new series, where I list Zara I items I own and want, that you should checkout!
Miami, FL
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Shop my Holiday Break Instagram Looks

An Instagram breakdown of all my winter break looks!
Gstaad, Switzerland
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Shop Gifts Under $25, $50 and $100 for Everyone

Shop these budgeted gift guides and find gifts for everyone under $25, $50 and/or $100!
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Head to Toe Leather with a Touch of Blair Waldorf

Basel has begun! Below are the links to the Blair Waldorf inspired look I put together for the opening night of Cipriani Socialista in Brickell which I highly, HIGHLY recommend.
Miami Beach, FL
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