3 Simple Ways to Improve Your Beautiful Self

We are already almost two months into 2020 but it’s never too late to start bettering yourself. No need to wait until 2021. Many of these points will be things you’ve heard before, just presented differently. So here are three ways to make yourself better because you should never stop investing and bettering yourself.

Set Screen Time

Unlock your phone. Go to settings, take a look at your screen time and let it sink in. If you’re happy with your time on socials, I am proud yet envious. Set a cap on the amount of time you want to spend on socials like Instagram, TikTok, etc. Time may fly while you’re scrolling away but remember everything in excess is not always great. I’m trying to be more present and this is helping.

Discover Podcasts

Instead of burning out your current favorite song on repeat, like I do, find a podcast you’ll want to hear all day. I live in Miami where there is TONS of traffic so I spend quite some time in my car. I had a professor in college who said, “turn your car into a moving classroom.” Find a podcast that informs you, gets you to laugh and makes your commute home go by quicker.

Some of my favorites are Fat Mascara, The Morning Toast, and The Social Dentist.

Set A Savings Goal

Have you been wanting to splurge on a luxury item or exotic experience? It’s much easier to start saving when you have an end goal. Stay consistent and set aside x amount every week or month. Find an amount that suits your budget and by the time you know it you may have just enough, if not more of what you need. I have my bank automatically extract money from my checking into my savings the first of every month.

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