Skincare Fridge: Take Your Skincare Routine Up a Notch

I am officially skincare obsessed. I’ve always been a fan of serums and rolling the s*#& out of my face, but after reading The French Beauty Solution by Mathilde Thomas, the founder of Caudalie, I can’t stop running background searches on active ingredients, product reviews, and brand CEOs/founders.

My sisters caught onto the obsession and gifted me a skincare fridge. It was the thing I never knew I needed. In the book Thomas explains how you have to seek pleasure in all you do to maintain consistency and let me tell you this fridge gives me lots of pleasure. I never get lazy now to wash my face even on the latest nights or the earliest mornings because I think of the wonderful sensation of applying my chilled to perfection face oil at night or smoothing my puffy face with my cold gua sha in the morning.

But it’s not only cute and soothing, but also functional. A lot of effective skin care products contain natural ingredients and less preservatives. In other words, they are more likely to expire before you reach the bottom. Keeping them cold elongates the shelf life of products that contain SPF, vitamin C and more.

I should have disclaimed this in the beginning but I am not a dermatologist. So anyways, if you want to get this skincare fridge and share my obsession, shop it below!


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