3 Office Essentials I Need Everyday

My office is my second home. I spend so much time there and realize these are some of the things I cannot work without on a daily basis, aside from coffee of course.

BIG Glass Water Bottle

I personally prefer glass bottles, but anything that is not single use will do! I love having a HUGE bottle because I feel accomplished once I finish it and I don’t need to get up as much to refill it. I used a water calculator to calculate how much water I should drink in a day and use an app called “My Water” to log and track my intake. Call me boring, but it’s fun and I feel accomplished when I complete my daily goal!

Blue Light Glasses

Even though is no scientific case study (yet) proving the benefits of blue light lenses, I feel a HUGE difference now that I use them. I look at a screen all day long; be my desktop, my screen, or TV and by the end of day my eyes do not feel as strained which caused me to lose a lot of time and headaches. I LOVE my Warby Parker lenses and love how you can incorporate blue light filters into your prescription! Shop my exact ones below!

To Do Planner

I have the worst memory ever! If I don’t write it down right away, consider it forgot. Tell me if I am wrong, but one of the most satisfying things to do is cross things off your to-do list. So instead of having a pile of post-its in my office, I love these pads! They even have cute drawings to log your water intake!

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