My Bikini Bargain

You can really find anything on Amazon. ANYTHING. I found my favorite summer swimsuit and ordered it in 4 different colors: pink, white, emerald and blue. I essentially left a lot of my trip shopping for last minute; aka 2-day shipping or next day shipping “last minute.” I had probably 2 super cute bathing suits, but knowing that I was…
St. Tropez, France
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My Fall Cart

The DO’s of Swim Cover-Ups

A swim cover-up is essential when spending days lounging by the water. Many beach restaurants and clubs don’t require a dress code, or cover-ups at all, but it’s nice to not sit, dance or lay in your wet bikini while you eat, party or lounge. When it comes to swim days I aim to be practical and comfortable. I want…
St. Tropez, France
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17   135
7   123
5   142
42   1034
19   436
18   680
33   260
16   286
28   276
48   725

Personal Swimwear Collection

So I am very self conscious when it comes to wearing swimwear. I bloat so easily and can’t refrain from eating so my stomach automatically grows. What can I say, I love food (the bad kind). I often resort to sticking to one pieces to hide the bloating and because I feel more comfortable. THANK GOD THEY’VE BEEN IN STYLE!…
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