The Miami Spice 2023 List to Check Out

Going through this year’s list of Miami Spice options was a bit disappointing so it took quite a bit to find these gems. For those new Miami locals that have flooded i95 and are new to the Miami scene, welcome.

During August and September, you can enjoy a three-course tasting (sometimes full dish) menu at participating restaurants for a fixed price, with brunch and lunch ranging from $30 to $35 and dinner ranging from $45 to $60.

Here are the restaurants I consider to be worth looking into for your next date night or girls’ night.

See full list HERE of restaurants participating this year.


  • Location: Edgewater
  • Cuisine: Steak & Seafood
  • Miami Spice Availability: Sunday – Thursday
  • Deal: $60 Dinner
  • What I’d Order: East Coast Oysters & NY Strip
  • Menu


  • Location: Downtown
  • Cuisine: Seafood / Oyster Bar
  • Miami Spice Availability: Everyday
  • Deal: $60 Dinner
  • What I’d Order: Octopus & Oysters
  • Menu Includes nearly the entire menu with few exclusions.

Miss Crispy Rice

  • Location: Wynwood
  • Cuisine: Sushi
  • Miami Spice Availability: Sunday – Thursday
  • Deal: 13 Course Omakase $60 (Dinner)
  • What I’d Order: EVERYTHING
  • Menu


  • Location: Design District
  • Cuisine: Korean Steakhouse
  • Miami Spice Availability: Monday – Friday
  • Deal: $35 Lunch
  • What I’d Order: Fried Chicken or Butcher’s Lunch
  • Menu

The Drexel

  • Location: Española Way in Esme Hotel
  • Cuisine: Mediterranean
  • Miami Spice Availability: Monday – Thursday
  • Deal: $45 Dinner
  • What I’d Order: Ricotta Gnocchi
  • Menu
  • ** On Sunday’s they offer a Supper Special of a grilled chicken (served with fries, & salad) that serves up to four for $45 that is DELICIOUS! & the fries are better than McDonald’s!


  • Location: Downtown
  • Cuisine: Japanese
  • Miami Spice Availability: Sunday – Thursday (Dinner) Monday – Friday (Lunch)
  • Deal: $35 for Lunch & $60 Dinner
  • What I’d Order: Salmon
  • Menu

It’s a great chance to cross off any “want to trys” off your list. Message me if you swing by and which was your favorite!

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