How to Elevate Your Swimwear in 4 Ways

Take your basic triangle bikini and step it up a notch. No need to buy a new swimsuit this season. I am about to tell you 4 ways to elevate your swimwear for the beach this hot girl summer!

Body Chains

Kylie is always wearing one and they look amazing! Sometimes they are super minimal and dainty, other times they are chunkier and more eclectic. No matter your style or beach look, there is one if not more to suit you.

Matching Sarongs

I’ve seen these matching swimwear sets by higher end designers such as Adriana Degrass and Patbo in the past but recently THIS Amazon find has blown up on TikTok! I tested it out myself and although it may not be the best quality fabric but it sure it cute! This can even dupe as a cute headscarf.


Just like the body chains, there are so many different kinds! I wear mine to the beach, pool or even shorts. I put it on the first day of my trip to St. Lucia and did not take it off. I have the tan line to prove it!

Tie Bikini in a Different Way

I’ve seen countless forms to make one bikini look like 6 different tops thanks to TikTok university. Here is one of my favorites giving us a perfect demonstration.

See my essentials in my summer tote HERE!!


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