Post Holiday Detox & How to Start 2019

I am finally back home from my eventful and long awaited trip to Colombia. I spent the majority of my time with family, eating, horse back riding, relaxing and eating more.

It is taking my everything to get back into the gist of things so here is what I will be doing starting NOW to get 2019 started, one week late (lol).

Chug Water

I aim to drink at least 2 liters of water a day! Sitting at my desk it is easy to fill up my large water bottle and sip throughout the day. However, on vacation I did not drink enough water and I truly felt it. So now that I downloaded an app that sends me notifications to remind me to drink water throughout the day.

Buy a Planner

I just bought myself a planner! Call me old schooled, but I need to physically write things down for them to stay in my head and I like to doodle, so Google Calendar isn’t my personal favorite. Here I linked the exact planner (CLICK HERE)!

Sweat It Out

Sweat out all those toxins. A very popular resolution is always to get more physical. So get to the gym or hit the ground in the morning with a quick, 30 minute walk. If you need to buy some quick looks to feel “inspired’ to hit the gym, read this previous article to see some affordable athlesure brands (CLICK HERE).

Catch Some Zs

Create a sleep routine where you get anywhere from 7 to 8 hours of rest every night. If you are working out and having a light dinner, going to bed at night shouldn’t be so rough.


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