Finals Survival

Finals Survival

The stress is killing me and the countdown to winter break feels eternal! Here are 5 easy tips to survive finals week!

1. Hydrate! Drink lots of water because dehydration will decrease exam performance (according to this study). Even bring your own bottle with fruit infused water. Shop the bottle above here!

2. Headphones! Record yourself reciting some of your notes and replay them throughout the day of the exam or in the car ride/walk to it! Shop the headphones above here.

3. Exam Attire! During exams, my appearance is not up to par. I love to be comfortable and wear hats to hide my horrendous eye bags and stressed face. Shop the James Perse hat above here.

4. Supplies! Pack your calculator, pens, pencils, highlighters the night before the exam to ensure you aren’t forgetting anything! I love this Swarovski pen!

5. Snacks! Pack some easy, healthy snacks for those long hours in the library. A yummy granola bar and apple should do the trick!

Now finish studying and kill it!




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