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Sorry for being gone but just like spring, I am back!

I’ve been suffering from very strong migraines ever since November. I sometimes cannot stand or even have to pull over when driving. I’ve gotten an MRI, blood tests, and my wisdom teeth removed, but I haven’t been able to find the cause. I am currently taking medication to lighten the level of pain. Since I’ve spent days at the doctors office and spring break in bed, I had time to watch Netflix, online shop, eat lots of frozen yogurt, and brainstorm.

I am in love with this lace and denim combination. It adds a romantic touch to a casual outfit. I wore it out to lunch with heels because I love the height, but I can definitely see this outfit with platforms and slip-ons to add more comfort. A denim overall is such an easy staple piece. You can wear it multiple times with a variety of tops, accessories and/or shoes and it will look different every time. Plus you can’t forget to add that pop of color since its spring!

With love and have a great weekend!



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Photography by Salome Arango



  1. Andrea
    / 7:32 AM

    Hi! I personally love the photos you post on Instagram super fashionista!! Looking at your blog, I too suffer similar headache pains. Try going to a doctor to check the muscles in your neck. At least part of my migraines are because of tight neck and back muscles. I hope you feel well after a long break and hope to see more spring trends on your blog.


    • Carolina
      / 2:16 PM

      Thank you so much! It has honestly been the worst. I have weekly check-ups so I will defiantly mention it to my doctor and let you know!
      Love & best wishes,

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