Gradient Rainbow Nail Trend

This has to be the best trend for all the indecisive people like myself out there. If you can’t decide on one color at the nail salon, just paint them all! The concept entails that every nail gets a different nail polish color.
Miami, FL
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Sephora Beauty Insider Sale: What I Want and Need!

The time has come where blowing all your money on all things beauty at Sephora pays off: Sephora's Beauty Insider Sale! See how I'm attacking the sale here!
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BROWS: All About My Bushy, Manly Brows & My Holy Grail Products!

Of all the questions I get the majority of them are about my brows! History When I was in the 4th or 5th grade, a girl once told me that my “man” brows were so “ugly.” I came home crying to my mom saying that I wanted them gone and thin like theirs. Little did I (and the girl) know…
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January 2019 Lifestyle & Beauty Favorites | Video

JANUARY 2019... the LONGEST month EVER! So of course I have some lifestyle and beauty favorites to mention!
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HAIR: Cut & Color by Bernardo Vasconcelos

NEW YEAR, NEW HAIR! I do not even know where to begin! Time and time again I have gone to a salon to get my hair dyed and the second I get into the car, I start to cry. With social media, it becomes very easy to see a hair stylist’s work but since every person’s hair is unique, there…
London, UK
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