7 Thoughtful & Useful Graduation Gifts

It’s tassel time! Reality is about to give these grads a warm (or harsh) welcome, so why not embrace them with an amazing graduation gift (or two ?).

When it comes to shopping for a gift, there are generally two scenarios: 1) you know exactly what to gift, or 2) you spend hours contemplating different alternatives. If your current situation is the latter, I am here to help!

The key with getting someone the BEST graduation gift is that it must be both useful and thoughtful. Here are some popular gifts that will come in handy to the graduates of the class of 2019!


Young adults tend to travel a substantial amount, be for work, pleasure, or both! A suitcase is a gift that can last them YEARS! There is such a wide variety that caters all tastes and needs! I linked some of my favorites below! I have the red CalPak!


Now a days there is a subscription for anyone and anything! What is better than receiving one gift? Getting a surprise in the mail every month! Below I linked some very popular options!

  • BEAUTY = BirchBox
  • FOODIE = Try the World
  • WINE LOVE = Wine Club

Coffee Maker

Must I give this much of an explanation? I’m addicted and I know I am not the only one! Feed the addiction!

Smart Devices

Give them one of the best gifts ever: a personal assistant. Whether it is Siri, Alexa or Google, a smart home device can be there to wake them up and even turn off their lights before bed.


Wallets have always been a personal favorite of mine because it is a gift that they will literally use every single day. Anytime my mother or anyone gifted me a wallet, they always stashed it with a couple of bill for good luck!

Coffee Table Books

These were some of my favorite gifts because I have them to decorate my room and my home! There is a book for everyone and all of their interests: fashion, architecture, cars, watches, to name a few! For example, if they are majoring in architecture, give them a book about that.


When you get home from work, there is quite nothing like taking a long shower and lounging in a plush robe. It gives you that “at home spa” feeling which further relaxes you.


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