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Similar to almost everything in fashion, the 90s logo mania trend is back! Brands no longer need billboards when they have literal walking advertisement.

Logo Mania History

The logo mania trend stemmed from the US’s economic boom in the 1990s where people loved to show their level of status and prosperity by wearing brand names across their bags, clothes and even underwear. However, post-recession (2009) individuals desire to wear these logos began to diminish and more minimalistic looks were taking over the fashion runways.

Now the trend is back and stronger than ever with designers purposefully designing items with their logo-tiled fabrics and materials. I feel like it slowly began with the Gucci logo tees, grew with the Louis Vuitton x Supreme collaboration and now old school Dior logo pieces.

Logo Mania Today

Today, logo mania is not only found in designer brands but also in more affordable, fast-fashion brands as well! Brands include Fila, Adidas, Pretty Little Things, and many more.

How to Style

There are two ways I like to incorporate these logo mania pieces. 1) As a statement piece where I make it the focal point of my outfit or 2) as a print, similar to that of a floral pattern. Depending on what article it

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