Fanny Packs are Back

Ok, being completely honest I was not the biggest fan of this trend (fanny packs, now known as belt bags) to start. My mom, however, is a fanny pack lover!

It took a while to grow on me but I jumped on the bandwagon!

When I thought of fanny packs, my mind immediately jumped to theme parks, music festivals and tailgates because that’s where they have been most prevalent to me at least. But now, the biggest fashion house are making them chic and cool and instead they call it a “belt bag.”

Bellow I will show how I wore this trend on a casual Sunday in Miami’s Design District with my parents. Additionally, I love my fanny to go out clubbing at night because it gives my arms complete freedom.

I have also tagged some splurge worthy fanny packs as well as some that are just as chic, for a fraction of the price.


Fanny Pack


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