3 Easy & Stylish Swimsuit Cover Ups

Oversized Button Down

Oversized button downs are the most practical! If you don’t have a solid button down in your closet, steal one from a sibling, father or boyfriend! It doesn’t matter if the fit is oversized. Styling is key! Roll up the sleeves and add some cute pearl necklaces or chains and you’re good to go!

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Maxi Skirt

This has to be one of my favorites! All you need is your baiting suit and a breathable fabric skirt. I personally love intricate bathing suit tops that appear like proper top, but they aren’t necessary to pull off this look. It is all about balance! Either a more basic (I hate that word) top and print/intricate skirt or vise versa. You can even achieve this look with linen pants!

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Loose Summer Dress

Just like the oversized button, this is the easiest to throw over! Grab any of those loose floral dress over your swimsuit and out the door you go!

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