HAIR: Cut & Color by Bernardo Vasconcelos

NEW YEAR, NEW HAIR! I do not even know where to begin! Time and time again I have gone to a salon to get my hair dyed and the second I get into the car, I start to cry. With social media, it becomes very easy to see a hair stylist’s work but since every person’s hair is unique, there…
London, UK
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Gift Guide for the Beauty Lovers

Calling all the beauty obsessed! This one is for us ;). Some of my favorites and holy grails are here like the Summer Fridays Jet Lag Mask and the Revlon Styler. You cannot go wrong with any of these; especially the beauty tools and the cosmetic tote. They will last practically forever and can be used every single day! Shop…
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VIDEO: 5 Affordable Amazon Skincare Products

AMAZON SKINCARE: I was tired of spending tons of money on products that were doing NOTHING for my skin. So I went ahead and did my research, read a TON of articles reviews and put these products to the test! I found ingredients that worked for my skin and have worked for so many others. After a month in a…
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